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The moment a woman is diagnosed with cancer, the way she looks at everything in life changes...

We live in a world that values fashion and beauty.  Magazines brimming with the latest trends in hair and make-up fill the checkout lines and book store shelves. They bring a feeling of excitement and newness as women seek to learn and improve themselves. The moment a woman is diagnosed with cancer, however, the way she looks at everything in life changes. What once were simple pleasures become complicated.

Finding lifestyle information in one place that relates to today’s cancer survivor is a challenge. Skin care and beauty needs become quite different and specific to these amazing women. Relationship status’ often become difficult as they work to balance things such as school, work, family, and friends with treatment and medical appointments. These women are special, and they have special needs. That is the reason for Brighter.

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Our Story

It all started over a few margaritas shared between friends. Isn’t that how all good things begin?  In June of 2017, Kathy and Helen visited Jean to catch up and support Jean, who was in the midst of her treatments for ovarian cancer. As they chatted, Jean shared that her love of a lifestyle or fashion magazine had dwindled. The information they shared no longer brought excitement and joy but rather feelings of isolation and sadness. The articles only highlighted the fact that her life had taken a drastic left turn from the direction she had planned. Her vision was to see a lifestyle magazine that was specifically designed for the cancer-surviving girl and woman. 

In January of 2020, Jean lost her battle with cancer.  Her passing left a giant hole in our lives as well as a great passion and desire to see her dream of a magazine become a reality.

Our Mission

Brighter Magazine creates a fashionable, educational publication that serves the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of all women affected by cancer. 

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What We Do

Brighter magazine works to produce a quarterly print publication available to both medical professionals as well as individual survivors. We have wonderful survivors, medical professionals, and women working with us to build the resource for the female cancer survivors beauty, health, and relationship needs. Our goal is to reach this underserved demographic of women by equipping them to feel empowered and enthusiastic about their lives during these critical times.

We see a future when Brighter Magazine is a household name that brings strength and encouragement to the world of women facing cancer. 

Meet Our Team

Our team is built of wonderful women who graciously volunteer their time and talents to share and write with the intent to benefit our readers. Our hope is to encourage our readers to feel empowered and enthusiastic to take on their daily lives regardless of the role cancer plays in it.

Helen Bowles

Founder, Publisher

Erin Schreyer


Liz Pounds

Admin Specialist

Shari Johns

Board Director

Join our Team

Interested in helping us make a difference in the world of women's cancer? Contact us today.

Jennifer Looney

Director of Financial Development and Advertising

Suzen Stuart

Board Director

Dr. Meredith Mistifer

Survivor, Content Writer, NOCC

Heather Nemec

Content Writer, Survivor

Tara Rasheta

Survivor, Content Writer, A Model Patient

Amanda Guillot

Content Writer, BeautyCounter

Debbie Norris

Content Writer, Survivor

Ashton Mitchell

Graphic Design, Dallas Baptist University


Jayna Dave

Web Design, Georgetown University

Ariana Wang

Intern, The Hockaday School

Caroline Bush

Intern, The Hockaday School

Bella Duarte

Intern, The Hockaday School

Jessica Chung

Intern, The Hockaday School

Alexandra Dassopoulos

Intern, The Hockaday School

Gabriela Gaona

Intern, The Hockaday School

Ensley Pounds

Intern, Trinity Christian Academy

Samantha Wu

Intern, The Hockaday School

Harper Tagg

Intern, The Hockaday School

Anika Proddutoor

Intern, The Hockaday School

Gracie Little

Intern, The Hockaday School

Gretchen Jones

Intern, The Hockaday School

Haley Janacek

Intern, Trinity Christian Academy

Ella Schreyer

Intern, The Hockaday School

Dithyae Devesh

Intern, The Hockaday School

Allie Rose Olmstead

Intern, The Hockaday School

Join us for Brighter Pickleball!

We are raising paddles and funds to support the women’s cancer community.

Saturday, March 25th

10am – 1pm

Chicken N Pickle 

Grapevine, Texas